Steady Health’s Chia Seed Pudding

hia seed pudding has become increasingly popular within the diabetes community as it has little impact on blood glucose, is easy to make, tasty, very customizable, and is a very low-cost breakfast or snack. Breakfast can often be the hardest meal of the day for people with diabetes. Starting every day in good control could […]

A1c vs Time-in-Range

What is A1c? What is time-in-range? How do they relate? Why is the diabetes community moving more and more towards time-in-range? What is A1c? In simple terms, Hemoglobin A1c (HgbA1c, HbA1c or A1c) is the average blood glucose level over the past 2-3 months. An A1c test measures the amount of glucose that attaches to red […]

Behind the Scenes: The Design of Steady Health

How we designed a patient-focused location from start to finish The challenge in designing a modern clinic like Steady Health is to put together a space that has all necessary clinical tools but reflects a new approach to care, specifically diabetes care. While interviewing Chloe Blain, the designer behind Steady, she explains, “Our main goal for […]

After decades living with diabetes, Steve finally broke new ground

How CGM and a diabetes clinic called Steady Health changed his care Since his diagnosis in 1980, Steve’s diabetes care had remained relatively the same. He used finger sticks to check his blood glucose and a sliding scale to calculate how much insulin to use for each meal based on his current blood glucose level. […]

Start Analyzing your own CGM data in 5 Easy Steps

A Beginner Friendly Tutorial In our previous blog post, we presented some visualizations of CGM data that was gracefully provided by Henrik Berggren, the founder of Steady and Type 1 since 20 years. But, what’s even more interesting is of course to analyze your own data! The goal of this article is to provide a follow along guide […]

Data Exploration at Steady Health

Using CGM data to answer your questions about diabetes At Steady Health, data and care is our focus. To understand our members’ data, we started asking some fundamental questions and thought we’d share our early findings. In coming blog posts, we’ll cover the process of how we use technology to empower our clinical staff to […]

A new, Steady, path

Why a seasoned Diabetes Educator decided to leave the comfort of a large, established system, and join a startup The simple answer Diabetes changes frequently. Research unveils new learnings about this disease regularly. Management tools are continually being introduced. I believe Diabetes care needs to be as fluid as the individual living with Diabetes and […]